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    The sutureless amniotic membrane inserter  
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  Welcome to the Auro AMserter project
The AMserter is a device for securing human amniotic membrane to the ocular surface without sutures.
The AMserter was conceived by Dr. Bhaskar Ray Chaudhuri and designed and developed by Dr. Bhaskar Ray Chaudhuri, Sundar Ganesh, Krishna Chaitanya and Dr. Anirban Bhaduri (inventors). It is currently manufactured and marketed by Aurolab.
The AMserter is a simple two ring device that traps one or two layers of human amniotic membrane which can then by inserted onto the ocular surface and is self-retaining supported by the conjunctival fornices. Amniotic membrane can also be draped over the lid margins.

Current indications are:
  1. Acute Stevens Johnson Syndrome with ocular surface denudation (Gregory’s grade 3 or 4)
  2. Acute chemical injuries of the eye
  3. Acute thermal burns of the eye
  4. Persistent corneal epithelial defects


The device is available in one size currently
This project is aimed at getting feedback from users so that we may refine the design and sizing. It is very likely that based on your feedback we may have multiple sizes. You are encouraged to see the YouTube video below to understand the assembly of the device and the amniotic membrane. The soft copy of the 'Instructions for use' can be found here.
Currently, participation in this group is by invitation only. To start please fill up this form. Two devices will be sent to your mailing address. You need to submit some basic data on your usage scenario, experience and feedback. You can request additional devices upon submission of your feedback.
Aurolab will supply the first few devices free of charge. Once data collection from this project is complete the device will be available for direct order from Aurolab against payment.
Please note that the data and pictures that you share may be used for publication and your name will be included in the list of contributors in any publication that may ensue.
Also note that the inventors have no financial interest in the device and have assigned the patent rights to Aurolab so that the device may be provided to patients at reasonable costs.
We appreciate your interest in the device and look forward to your feedback.